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Valiska Sei-Varun
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:04 am    Post subject:

My first reaction to the Dragons there was: "Say what? They're too far west." But after I walked around for a while and looked at it, I realized that mountain looked very good from Vhaerun Bay -- with the right viewer settings it catches the haze and makes a wonderful skyline.

If we hadn't had the war I'd probably be thinking I needed space to depict the Bay. But since the Sei-Varun are rebuilding a trading post, not all their old holdings, I think I can make it smaller and still capture the feel.  So if we said Thaczil di Sjach Gherthaeli stretched out to the sea in a strip because that's were those mountains are and the dragons like them, I think it still works, without sacrificing any scenic potential to that mountain. (Making Dragonland less square on the map.)

Or to put it another way, I think the wilderland below the mountain toward the Bay, between the Dragons and Sei-Varun, can do double duty. It sorta suits them both, and can be treated like Dragonland for some scenes and Sei-Varun land for others.


I like the view, but I haven't thought everything through yet.

Thaczil di Sjach Ghertaeli from Vhaerun Coast. Sunrise and sunset positions in Firestorm's environment settings are inconsistent with the sim convention of 0 0 0 for the southwest corner. (They're also inconsistent with each other.)

 I don't want to try to make the harbor until after the mountain's in the right place, if it does need to move. 

Elbereth Elentari
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 5:39 am    Post subject:

I agree that using the sim water for boating is desirable... shame to not include this aspect in the sims.

If the map remains as is planned here, then Szjach needs to be pushed back further into the corner opposite Vhaerun and it's quarter-sim-border would also have to cover the water view with sim-surround mountains, as it should be entirely inland.

That corner is currently barren anyway.

Which leaves the "debatable" land to stretch across the other half of the area - nicely landscaped coastline to accomodate Sirenia below and provide the atmosphere for certain "undesirables" on land.

A small portion would still be needed to provide Silverwind coastline - doesn't have to be the port, but if the map is adhered to, some form of coastline belonging to Silverwind must be represented on the ground... perhaps your wished for fisherman's outpost and a road leading to a portal where the more majestic city and port of Silverwind can be found...

Nyza seems to be AWOL again (probably being held captive by some rogue Fae)

Valiska Sei-Varun
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:42 am    Post subject: Pics and an Idea

Silverwind as formerly built, even though it was a seaport, didn't need to be on the ground because it was very large and almost all land. The harbor was very small, at the sim edge, and not something you could move ships in or out of.

Right now what's on the sim floor appears to be Sirenia, the coast of Vhaerun, Thaczil di Sjach Gherthaeli, and a strip of land that hasn't had much done to it. With the sole exception of the Eye Tower that's sticking up visible in Vhaerun -- and given that it's by no means a finished build -- I like it much as it is.

I think there's something interesting to be done with it as it is, too.

Here's what it currently looks like, with the view from the northwest corner.

Lisianthus Floor, Current State, from the Northwest

Lisianthus sim floor from the northwest

Why I like it:

  1. It (Eye Tower excepted) looks like a semi-wild coast, everywhere you look from Vhaerun. I'm partial to that. Thaczil di Sjach Gherthaeli itself doesn't need to be on the ground for its own sake, but I like what it does for the half-wild view from Vhaerun. It's atmospheric.

  2. Room for the Merfolk (without having land built over them) also means room for ships, and a reasonably decent place to play naval affairs. Since we have sea powers, this seems good to me. 

  3. Silverwind as previously built created quite an impression of size and strength. But its harbor was right on the sim edge; most of it was land. So putting it up in the sky wouldn't do it any particular harm (and it still allows it to be impressively big. I know I said we should probably shrink it ... well, perhaps a little. But the size did do something to convey its political power, so it might be good not to shrink it a lot. (Yeah, I've had second thoughts about that, since I wrote about it yesterday)).

  4. I have an idea for the empty land visible in this shot.

Here's the cursory map El handed me. No doubt the lands won't end up quite this square.

Cursory Lisianthus Map

The northwest corner (the square labelled Sirenia) gave me an idea. The land there potentially the meeting place of people from several different powers:

  1. Sirenia, which has at least two factions;

  2. Vhaerun, which also has at least two factions;

  3. Silverwind, which I'm pretty sure must have more than one political faction;

  4. Smugglers and other miscreants of Silverwind, who probably want a place to sail from that's not right under the nose of the city guard;

  5. And the Dragons, if they care. (If they're much more powerful than anyone else, they may not).

And it's a place to build a more rural human coastal dwelling: a kind of scenery that must exist in Lisianthus; but of which we have no examples.

I'm suggesting, therefore, taking that strip I labelled debatable land, and building it as a haven for fishermen, smugglers, spies, etc. -- A place for intrigue.

On the south side it would fade into Vhaerun near-wilderness; on the east side it would fade into dragon near-wilderness; and as it swings north toward Silverwind, it will gradually become more populous.

We could put a road leading to one of Silverwind's outer fortifications, and we could put a teleporter that is also an IC gate into the City.

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