Elbereth Elentari

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    High ConceptInquisitive Elven Eldar
    TroublePrescient Intrigant
    Three Additional Aspects
    Stress Track

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    Character Bio:

    A near-primordial spirit, created by Eru Iluvatar and handmaiden to Varda, most powerful of the Valar and Queen of the Stars, Elbereth Elentari belongs to the Maiar.

    Unlike Melian or Olorin (known as Gandalf among Elves and Men), Elbereth was not among the Maiar who helped the Valar shape the World. She was instead tasked by Varda with preparing the heavens to welcome the stars - Varda's greatest creation. Forthwith is Elbereth the Guardian of the Stars.

    Elbereth and Olorin grew close during his time serving Varda and her husband, Manwe. Their deepening friendship was sundered when Olorin was sent on his errand to Arda which culminated in the War of the Ring. Upon his return to the West, Olorin/Gandalf was changed and a heartsore Elbereth retreated among her beloved stars.

    Varda watches in sorrow as Elbereth declines before deciding upon a new path for her handmaiden...

    Ages after the end of the Third Age and the start of the Exodus of the Elves into the West, there remain only a few elven realms upon the World. Peaceful sanctuaries of learning and memory, the Elves continue to champion Light and Goodness, yet Darkness and Shadows remain a constant threat.

    Elbereth is now tasked by the Valar to wander among Elves and Men, to teach and learn and to urge unity among the Free People of Lisianthus... to counsel, encourage and support alliances to strengthen those following the Path of Light.

    It is wise not to underestimate Elbereth Elentari. Her presence entices calm even as her elven form dazzles. She displays wisdom and foresight, but sometimes employs her powers to influence others or manipulate situations as she sees fit. She is not immune to mischievousness!

    The Maiar are immortal and can freely change their form. Although prizing harmony above all, they can be forbidding and fierce when incited.
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