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    Guild Specific Info

    ResidenceBlackmoor, Vhaerun
    High ConceptRuthless Priestess
    TroubleHaunted & hunted Witch
    Three Additional Aspects
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    General Info

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    Character Bio:

    Zarra, favoured Priestess of the Spider-Goddess, Lolth. Arrogant, sophisticated, cold and manipulative, Zarra is singularly wicked.
    A foundling, left to die as a newborn, she was fostered by the Priestesses of Lolth in Vhaerun.
    Before she reached adulthood, she had usurped the preeminent role within her clan and is a feared and fearsome leader.
    She is cruel in her dealings with others and treacherous to those who try to get too close. In the pursuit of power, status, and Lolth’s favor, she uses her dark magick to topple other drow houses in order to amass wealth and enslave weaker races. The fickle whims of Zarra demand absolute obedience, driving the Drow race of Vhaerun to further evil.
    The Spider Queen’s High Priestess makes bloody examples of any entity she names enemies of her goddess. Few drow indeed dare to rebel against Lolth's Priestess.

    Zarra has a rebellious streak. The Elven race attracts and repels her in equal measure and her fascination/revulsion for the Elves compels her to act impulsively where they are concerned.
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em