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    Guild Specific Info

    Age505 years
    ResidenceCoast of Vhaerun
    High ConceptExperienced Matriarch of a Sea-Going Drow Clan
    TroubleBad Neighbors
    Three Additional AspectsMerchant Prince, Far-Sighted Strategist in War and Peace, Commander of Strong Sea Power in Southern Lisianthus
    Stress Track4

    General Info

    Trade Skills:

    If I Haven't Done It Before, I Did Something Similar -- What would you know how to do by now if you'd started learning the year Michelangelo finished painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

    Amerakhte is more than five centuries old and has experience by the long ton. If she hasn't practiced the particular skill she's attempting, she's probably practiced two related. She defaults to Average (+1), not Mediocre (0), unless knowing a related art impresses me as not fitting her nature or history; and her listed skills should be construed most broadly.

    (I'm not sure if this is the best way to handle the issue. Still thinking about it.)

    A Queen of the Elves -- Amerakhte has the power displayed by some Queens of the Elves, to sense the influences on the land, on the sea, on the air in their domains, and to shape the domain in unusual ways. (Think of Galadriel and her influence on the land of Lothlorien.) She senses the general nature of magic and intrusions into her demesne on a roll of Mediocre (0) or less; every + after that yields more information on what's going on. Mechanically she may also work greater or lesser changes by giving up Fate or stress levels temporarily or permanently.

    Note however that there is a countervailing influence in Vhaerun that gives her a -1 penalty to understand things reaching from inland to influence her demesne, or -2 to understand certain influences originating immediately near the Temple of Lloth, which I will explain sometime in the story. But on the coast and the sea her power is unimpeded.

    Character Skills:

    Keys and Attunments:


    A small fleet of warships.
    Merchant vessels.
    The tribe is well-supplied with fishing vessels, too, but I don't know if Amerakhte owns any herself.
    Siege weapon parts, arms, & armor.

    Character Bio:

    I am making Amerakhte's sheet as a Fate Core build with some alterations (and I am not finished). Later I may see if Spirit of the Century is better or worse at describing her. Amerakhte is not a starting character as rpg rules are typically set up to describe. She was supposed to be a background quasi-NPC.

    Alteration 1: I mostly loathe social skills used on my characters: the only time I'm willing to acknowledge them is when the character they're being used with respect to is a minor one who may be invented on the spot, and who isn't well-defined. I do not acknowledge them with major characters I'm playing that I know, or want to get to know: I try to get inside their heads instead, to see what they would really do.

    Reciprocally, if I include any social skills in this build they are only intended to have a mechanical effect on other characters if whoever I'm playing with wants to decide it that way.
    Amerakhte's Strong Naval Power South aspect is not meant to include a comparison to the Merfolk: I would call them a sea power but not a naval one as I presently understand them, as they do not use ships.
    I know these things about her:

    In her youth, she met the Dark Maiden, who is a Maya of Nessa.

    She deeply misses her husband, who died sometime in the past century, and expects to meet him again somewhere -- in the Halls of Mandos or somewhere else.
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em